Band Boosters » Officer Responsibilities
The Limestone Band Boosters Constitution lays out the general responsibilities of the five Booster Board officers.

The responsibilities of the individual officer positions can be found below.  Together with the Band Director(s), they also:

  • Meet one hour before the normal monthly Booster meeting
  • Have numerous additional conversations via email and phone throughout the month and year
  • Attend the monthly Booster meeting
  • Maintain the calendar of events for the Band program
  • Maintain a detailed calendar of activities and instructions for each Board position’s activities
  • Establish a yearly budget for the Booster organization
  • Determine Band Fees and payment schedule
  • Assemble the Student Packet prior to the May Booster meeting, when prospective students and families are formally introduced to the band program
  • Determine which fundraisers to do throughout the year
  • Look for volunteers to fill key positions, including chairpersons for standing committees and future officers
  • Work with the website administrator to post pertinent information, including schedules, forms, and fundraisers
  • Have signatory privileges on the bank accounts (dual signatures required)
  • Monitor the conversations on the band Facebook page, making sure it is uplifting, helpful, and relevant at all times
  • Work with successors to ensure a smooth transition
  • Bridge the various teams of volunteers, encouraging cooperation and esprit de corps
  • Two-year commitment: Serves as Vice President for one year and then becomes the President for the second year
  • Drafts the agenda for the Board and Booster meetings
  • Chairs the Board and Booster meetings
  • Oversees the various committees
  • Ensures that adequate communication is provided for upcoming events (although the actual communication often comes from someone else)
  • Works with the Band Director(s) as liaison to the school administration and the community
  • Two-year commitment: Serves as Vice President for one year and then becomes the President for the second year
  • Assists the President, chairing Booster meetings in his/her absence
  • Coordinates fundraisers, which provide more dollars than the taxpayers can provide through the school budget and helps students who need a way to raise money to cover their Band Fees.
    • Finds people to chair each fundraiser. Run any fundraisers that do not have an assigned chairperson, such as some of the all-year-long fundraisers.
    • With the fundraiser chairpersons, maintains helpful information about each fundraiser, such as instructions; sponsor, advertiser, and donor lists; and financial results
    • With the website administrator, ensures that information about the fundraisers are available to parents, students, and the community
    • Proactively encourages all students and families (including incoming freshman) to participate in fundraising, both to pay their own Student Fees and to assist the overall band program
Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer
  • Two-year term: one year as Assistant Treasurer and one year as Treasurer.  The two divide the work, allowing the Assistant to learn on the job.
  • Maintain student account balances, fees, and payments in CutTime, an online band management program; sends quarterly account statements to the families
  • Check the lockbox in the band room at least weekly for any payments or invoices
  • Pay all stipends and bills (dual signatures required)
  • Send out reminders of upcoming payment due dates
  • With the fundraiser chairperson, prepare summaries of fundraiser income, expenses, and profits
  • Balance/reconcile all bank accounts monthly, including PayPal account
  • Prepare monthly Treasurer’s Report and present it at Booster meeting
  • Coordinate sign-ups and payments for any special trips.
Secretary (2-year term)
  • Takes the minutes during the monthly meeting. Makes the minutes available on the website shortly after they are approved
  • Sends out reminders, donation requests, volunteer sign-ups, and other helpful information through CutTime emails and Facebook
  • Makes sure that all student forms are received at the beginning of the school year. Sets up the Medical Book