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March-a-Thon Fundraiser

The annual LCHS Band March-a-Thon takes place during the week of Band Camp. Students ask their friends, neighbors, and family members to pledge money for each mile that the band marches during Band Camp. Each day of camp, selected students from each of the band’s sections will wear a pedometer. The average pedometer reading for each day is added together to calculate how far the band marched during the week and to determine how much each donor owes.

The income from this fundraiser has historically gone into the individual band student’s account. This is an excellent opportunity to build up your individual account so that you will have money “in the bank” to help pay for your band needs. The account balance can be used to pay for annual Band participation fees, BOA fees, personal band equipment (reeds, gloves, etc.), and other costs associated with the LCHS band programs, including the quadrennial Disney Trip.

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