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Kroger Community Rewards Program
Use your Kroger Plus card to raise funds for the band program. This money is used to provide enhanced educational experiences and to reduce fees.
Kroger Community Rewards & Plus Card logo
Get a Kroger Plus card at the customer service desk at any Kroger location or as a virtual card on the website.
If you currently use your phone number at the register, call 800-576-4377 and select option 4 to get your Kroger Plus card number. (You can still use your phone number at the register.)
There is also a Kroger app available for smartphones that will store your Kroger Plus Card number.
Register your Kroger Plus card at Remember: purchases will not count towards the reward until the card is registered!
  • Click “Sign In” (or “Register” if you do not have an account yet).
  • Under your account settings, under “Plus Card”, click “Add Card”. Enter your Kroger Plus card number and any other required information, and click “Save”.
  • In the “Community Rewards” section, click “Enroll”. Provide the required information. Search for LIMESTONE SCHOOL DIST 310 BAND BOOSTERS as the organization’s name, select it from the list, and click “Enroll”.
  • Verify that the enrollment information is displayed under your Account Summary. (It may take a little while for it to show up.)
Swipe or scan your Kroger Plus card when you make your purchases. Or, use the phone number that is related to the registered Kroger Plus card. Check the bottom of your receipt to verify that this purchase supported the band.
Each quarter (end of January, April, July, and October), Kroger will automatically send a check to the band program. This money is used to reduce fees and provide additional educational opportunities.
Renew your affiliation annually. Kroger requires each cardholder to renew their affiliation with the LCHS band program each year. Since this process is new to us, we aren’t sure exactly when this will happen (probably around August) or how the renewal process will work. But the Booster Treasurer will send a reminder, and these instructions will be updated as soon as we know more.
Don’t have a student in the band? You can still participate in the program! The rebates will go to the general band fund to purchase music, maintain instruments, and reduce fees for the students.