Step-up Night with Kidder Music Nov 19, 2018

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Interested in seeing how a better instrument can help you–and the ensemble–play better, both now and for years to come? Join us for Step-up Night on Monday, November 19 between 5 and 7 pm in the LCHS band room. All current Limestone-area junior high and high school students are invited.

Kidder Music will have a variety of intermediate models and mouthpieces available for you to try. Better tone quality, easier pitch control, and better materials are just some of the benefits that you will enjoy.

Parents are encouraged to attend with their student. Kidder Music representatives will be on hand to discuss price, payment plans, and the limited-time rebates that are currently available on certain instruments. Christmas is coming!

For more information, talk with Mr. Bainter, or contact Brian Spicklemire at Kidder Music at 309-692-4040.

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