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2015-16 Itineraries
Note: This is how the events were planned, not necessarily how they actually happened.
Washington Field Competition Itinerary
Saturday, September 12, 2015
Washington High School
1:30 pm   Rehearsal & load trailers
3:30   Leave Limestone
6:00   Meet at trailers and get into uniform
6:40   Leave for Warm-up
6:52   Warm-up
7:02   Report to gate
7:12 pm   Performance
7:30   Get into street clothes and watch other bands.
9:15   Drum Majors report to gate
9:30   Awards
10:00   Leave for LCHS
10:30   Arrive back at LCHS
Morton Marching Invitational Itinerary
Saturday, September 19, 2015
Morton High School
12:00pm   Rehearsal @ Limestone Time Change
2:00   Load trailers & buses
2:30   Leave for Morton
3:50   Meet at trailers; get into uniform
4:40   Leave for warm-up
4:45   Warm-up
5:15   Leave Warm-up
5:25   Report to gate
5:30 pm    Performance
After performance, get out of uniform and head back to the stadium to watch other bands.
7:15   Drum majors report to gate in uniform
7:30   Awards
8:30   Leave for LCHS
9:00pm   Arrive back at LCHS
Dunlap Itinerary
Saturday, October 3, 2015
Dunlap High School
Admission: $7 for Adults; $5 for Child, Students, & Seniors
3:00   Rehearse at Limestone
5:00   Load trailers & buses
5:30   Leave for Dunlap
6:30   Get into uniform (Ready by 7:00)
7:15   Warm-up
7:45   Leave Warm-up
8:00   Report to gate
8:15 pm   Performance
8:30   Drum Majors report for awards
8:45   Awards
9:00   Leave for LCHS
9:30   Arrive back at LCHS
Limestone Field Competition Itinerary
Saturday, October 10, 2015
at Limestone
Admission: $5 for Adults; $3 for Students & Seniors; Children 5 and under free
1:30   Students arrive at Limestone
Band Guides and Bus Greeters meet in Teachers Lot
8:30   Exhibition Performance
State of Illinois Marching Invitational Itinerary
Saturday, October 17, 2015
Illinois State University
6:15 am    Arrive at Limestone and get into uniform
7:00   Leave for ISU
8:00   Arrive at ISU
8:32   Leave for Warm-up
8:46   Physical Warm-up
9:00   Music Warm-up
9:28   Leave Warm-up
9:38   Report to gate
9:48   Prelims Performance
10:30   Drum Majors report for 1A/2A awards
10:44   1A/2A Awards
10:58-ff   Watch bands; eat lunch (on your own)
2:42 pm   3A/4A Awards
*If we do NOT make finals, we will leave for LCHS at 3:00 pm and arrive at LCHS at 4:00 pm.
*If we DO make finals, we will stay for the rest of the evening and follow the itinerary below.
   Watch bands
5:45   Meet at trailers and get into uniform
6:30   Finals warm-up
7:30   Finals begin. There will be a random draw for performance times. Mr. Empey will inform parents via the Remind 101 text app as well as the band Facebook page.
11:30   Finals Awards (This is just a guess!)
12:30 am   Arrive back at LCHS
Please bring enough money to eat Lunch (at least $20). If we make finals, the LCHS Band Boosters will provide pizza for dinner.
Students must stay on the stadium grounds at all times.
BOA 2015 Itinerary
October 23-24, 2015
Indianapolis, IN
Friday, October 23, 2015
10:15 am   Report to band room; load trailers & buses
11:00 am   Leave for Competition
    Start doing hair and make-up on the road.
4:00 pm ET   Arrive at Lucas Oil Stadium
4:10 pm ET    Enter parking lot; get into uniform
5:10 pm ET    Enter SW Tunnel
5:20-5:35 pm ET
   Physical Warm-up
5:25-5:55 pm ET
   Pit Warm-up
5:40-6:10 pm ET
   Music Warm-up
6:05 pm ET   Pit & Props Report to gate
6:20 pm ET   Band Report to gate
6:30 pm ET   Performance
7:30 pm ET Leave for hotel
Holiday Inn Express Airport, 6296 Cambridge Way, Plainfield, IN
(317) 839-9000
11:00 pm ET    All students in room
Saturday, October 24, 2015
10:45 am ET    Load buses
11:00 am ET   Head to the mall
Noon-2:00 pm ET
   Eat lunch and shop
3:00 pm ET   Head to Lucas Oil Stadium
Watch bands & Prelim awards
3:00 pm ET   Drum Majors report for awards
4:30 pm ET   Prelim Awards
5:10 pm ET   Stadium cleared
6:15 pm ET   Gates re-open
7:15 pm ET   Watch Finals bands
11:00 pm ET   Leave for LCHS (right after the final band)
2:00 am CT   Arrive back at LCHS
“Bradley Jazz Fest” Itinerary
Tuesday, February 23, 2016
Bradley University
“Jazz in the Meadows” Itinerary
Friday-Saturday, February 26-27, 2016
Rolling Meadows, IL
“Peoria Riverfront Jazz Festival” Itinerary
Saturday, Jun 11, 2016
Peoria, IL
IHSA Organizational Contests Itinerary
Friday, April 15, 2016
Olympia High School