2018 March-a-Thon Fundraiser
Pledge Sheet          Instructions PDF

The annual LCHS Band March-a-Thon will take place during Band Camp week, July 30-August 3, 2018. Beforehand, you ask your friends, neighbors, and family members to pledge money for each mile that the band marches during Band Camp. Each day of Band Camp, selected students from each of the band’s sections will wear a pedometer. The average pedometer reading for each day will be added together to calculate how far the band marched during the week and to determine how much each donor owes. (Flat donations are also encouraged.)

All of the money you collect through pledges and donations will be deposited into your individual band student account! That makes this fundraiser an excellent opportunity for you to build up your individual account so that you will have money “in the bank” to help pay for your band needs. The account balance can be used to pay for annual Band participation fees, BOA fees, personal band equipment (reeds, gloves, etc.), and other costs associated with the LCHS band programs. You could even pay the entire fee for the quadrennial Disney Trip, if you work at it!

Here is how to earn while you learn this year’s field show:

  • Begin securing pledges and donations as soon as summer band begins in July, using the provided Pledge Sheet.
  • Write your name and phone number on each Pledge Sheet.
  • Record the donor’s name, phone number, and pledge per mile amount (or flat donation amount) on the Pledge Sheet.
  • NOTE: The total miles marched will not exceed 15 miles for the week, so your donors will not have any surprises.
  • Donors should make checks payable to Limestone Band Boosters.
  • Return your pledge sheet(s), with donors and amounts recorded, to the lockbox or to Mr. Jackson on the first day of Band Camp, July 30, 2018. (Any flat donations that were given can be turned in at this time, too.)
  • Your pledge sheet(s) will be returned to you at rehearsal on Tuesday, August 7 with the miles and dollars calculated.
  • Collect the pledge money from your donors.
  • Return your total pledge money to the lockbox outside the Director’s office by the Thursday, August 16 band rehearsal.
  • The money will be deposited into your individual band student account shortly after receipt.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please feel free to contact:

Remember: 100% of the money you collect for the March-A-Thon will be deposited into your individual band student account, so the more pledges you bring in, the less money you will have to pay “out-of-pocket” for your future band expenses!