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Fundraiser Procedures
Fundraiser information and forms will be handed out to all band and guard members during band camp, band rehearsals, or 7th hour class, or it will be mailed to the home address (depending on the time of year).
We will send out a mass e-mail to parents letting you know that it has gone out, what is being sold, when it is due back to us, and the pickup date.
Your band student or you (usually it will be you!) sell it to your customers. Have your customers pay you in cash or a check made out to you. You issue ONE (1) CHECK for your entire order made out to Limestone Band Boosters. If you do not have a checking account, you can get a money order at the Kroger store for a minimal fee.
We will send out a second mass e-mail reminding you of your order due date.
Your student will place his/her/your order in the lockbox in the band room.
We will send out a third mass e-mail reminding you of the pickup date. If you or your student will not be able to pick up your order, please make arrangements for someone else to pick it up for you. We do not have the space to store orders that are not picked up. We will not split orders for you. They must be picked up as a whole.
Pick up your order on the date specified.
The Directors also write reminders of key dates/times on the white board in the band room.
For our program costs to remain low, it is extremely important for each band member to make a sincere effort to participate in all fundraisers. Each fundraiser will have a designated chairperson. If you are interested in helping with any fundraiser, please let a Band Booster Office know. Alternatively, if you have an idea for a new fundraiser, please let us know. Each year we evaluate the profits obtained and determine which fundraisers will be pursued during the next school year.
The Limestone Band Boosters is a 501(c) charitable organization.  All moneys raised will be used to support the band program, which may include lowering fees for all participants, purchasing additional equipment, or providing additional experiences for the students.