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Band Camp Survival Guide

Band Camp is the a key part of the Marching Band season. Being prepared will let you participate at your best.

Your Instrument — Make sure it is in good repair. Your are going to need it… a lot! Have the supplies that your instruments needs, such as reeds, valve oil, and cork grease.

Bring a water bottle — So you can get a drink whenever you need to out on the field. Bring a string or lanyard to tie it around your neck or waist, so you can have it on you at all times. Or, purchase Camelbak┬«-style backpack.

Apply sunscreen — Make sure you come to camp with it on before you arrive, and REAPPLY multiple times during the day! We will be in the sun most of the day, so keep your skin protected. Lip balm with sun protection is a good idea, too.

Eat a good breakfast — Whether you normally eat breakfast or not, PLEASE eat at least something. It will help you last the whole day.

Wear comfy shoes and socks — We will be on our feet all day, so make sure you wear comfortable TENNIS shoes (no flip flops or sandals!) and good socks. Blisters are the enemy of the marcher.

Dress for the weather — We march in the sun and rain, in the cool of morning and the heat of the afternoon, so be prepared. Light colors are best. The band and guard will wear a specific color of shirt each day. (The list will be posted on the website.)

Also note that sunscreen and sweat may stain clothing, so choose wisely.

Bring sunglasses. See Well; Look Good.

Wear a hat with a wide brim to protect your neck, ears, and eyes. You may also want a handkerchief or light towel to protect your neck.

Get a good night’s sleep each night so that you are ready for a long day.

Bring deodorant — Or put a lot on before you leave. Your section-mates will appreciate it.

Bring extra socks/clothes — In case it rains and you don’t want your clothes all wet the rest of the day, it might be a good idea to bring an extra pair; or a raincoat/poncho.

Drill Chart — Think of the Drill Chart (coordinates) as your textbook. It should be with you at all times, so you need a shoestring or lanyard that allows you to carry it with you and comfortably look at it. A laminated copy will be provided, but you also can print your Drill Chart from here.

Sheet Music Binder — It can get a windy (and even a little rainy) at times, so have your sheet music in a 3-ring binder with plastic sheet protectors.

Label your stuff — With 100+ other kids around, stuff is easily misplaced. Make sure you can get it back easily by putting your name on your Dot Book, sweatshirts, water bottles, et cetera.

Practice, practice, practice — The more work you put in on your own (memorizing the music and reviewing your sets), the more you will get out of Band Camp.


BRING A POSITIVE ATTITUDE! — It’ll be hot and you’ll get tired, but as long as you stay positive, it’ll be okay and you’ll have more fun than you think!