First Rehearsal on Tuesday – Check times!

The first rehearsal of the 2015 Marching Rockets season will be Tuesday, July 7. Band and Guard members will meet 9-11 am, while drumline and pit will meet 6-8 pm.

Uniform Fittings

Want the band to looks its best all year long? You can help get that started during Uniform Fittings on Saturday & Sunday, July 18 & 19. Whether or not you have any sewing experience, you can join our wonderful seamstresses to help each student get measured and fitted. Contact Jeanie Towle via email or at 208-4841.

Band Students: Everything you need to know–schedules, what to wear, et cetera–can be found here.

(Note: Color Guard fittings will be at a different date.)

2015 Show audio posted

Demo MP3s of the 2015 Marching Rockets field show “The Grid” have been posted on the Marching Rockets page.

Summer Preparation

As the current school year winds down, here are some things to consider to help you prepare for the 2015-16 season.

Check the 2015 Summer & Fall Schedule dates against your personal calendar, especially the mandatory Band Camp dates.

As soon as school ends, have your instrument checked over for any needed repairs. While you are at the music store, check out the next level of instrument. Moving up from the base student model can give better tone quality, easier playing, and a more enjoyable experience.

Keep practicing. Run your scales. Find some sheet music to play for fun. Anything to keep your lips, hands, and mind sharp.

Get some exercise. You don’t want to start Band Camp out of breath!

Check out the Band Camp Survival Guide for other tips to prepare for the upcoming season.

Limestone Marching Rockets Field Competition

LCHS Competition Logo
The 2015 Limestone Marching Rockets Field Competition will take place on October 10.
Directors can sign up their band on the competition website.