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The annual Field Competition is a major fundraiser for the Limestone Bands program. Many volunteers are needed to make it a success event for the visiting bands and as a fundraiser. This page contains answers to volunteers’ most frequently asked questions.
Signing Up
What do you need help with?
There are many different activities that you can help with, including:
  • Concessions – food preparation; sell food
  • Selling Program Books
  • Baked Goods – bring individually-wrapped goodies to sell
  • Potluck-style food for Judges and visiting Band Directors
  • Parking Lot Attendants
  • Grounds keeping
  • Setup (Friday night & Saturday morning)
  • Teardown (Saturday night)
  • Ticket Sales – sell tickets to the public as the enter the stadium
  • Volunteer Check-in – help volunteers get signed in and to their assigned location
  • Bus Greeters – meet the buses and stamp students’ hands
  • Band Guides – lead a band from the buses through warm-up and performance
Who can sign up?
Anyone interested in helping the Limestone Band program is encouraged to sign up. Alumni, relatives of current and previous students, and community members are welcome. Volunteers must at least be entering High School this fall. If there are any questions, the Directors will have the final word.
Current band students will also be participating as much as they can. However, they will not be available during their warm-up and exhibition performance (just before the Awards Ceremony), so it is important to have other volunteers to cover those times.
Note: Current students do not need to sign up via They will be assigned as needed throughout the day.
How do I sign up?
We are using to organize volunteers for the Field Competition.
Or, contact one of the committee chairs directly using the e-mail links below. Please include the following information:
  • Your name
  • E-mail address
  • Phone number(s)
  • Desired activities
  • Time preferences (if any)
We’ll do our best to line up your interests with the available jobs. The Directors will have final say on all assignments, particularly for the Band Guides.
Can I sign up for more than one time slot or activity?
Absolutely! You can sign up for as much of the day as you wish and for multple activities if the scheduling allows. It helps a lot to have people who are willing to work couple shifts in a row (or the whole day)!
Will you need help on Friday night or early Saturday morning?
Some activities may require setting up early. If you are available during those times, let us know, and we’ll get you signed up.
Will I be able to watch Limestone perform?
Some of the shifts will be during the Opening Ceremonies and Limestone’s exhibition performance just before the Awards Ceremony. Those are both busy times for some activities (especially Concessions), so some will have to sacrifice by missing the performances.
When will I know my assigned time and activity for sure?
You select the activities and time slots that you want when you sign up on .
The final performance and volunteer schedules will depend on the number of bands, classes, intermissions, et cetera, which are finalized about one month before the competition. After that, if an adjustment needs to be made, the committee chairs will talk to you about any changes.
How will you let me know what my assigned time and activity are?
The committee chairs will get in touch with you as soon as they have the volunteers schedule finalized. They will send it to you via e-mail. If that is not available for you, they will call you. Be sure that you give complete, legible information when you sign up.
Can I just sign up on the day of the competition?
In order to properly plan ahead (and to put the committee chairs’ minds at ease), we are going to fill all the volunteer slots ahead of time.
I don’t know what to sign up for. / I’ll do anything that is needed.
Don’t know what you want to do? We’ll be glad to plug you in. Just give us your contact info, and we’ll get you linked up with one of the committee chairs.
Do you need a “floater”?
Each committee will have enough slots available to ensure that we can be flexible to meet the needs. We’ll get you scheduled for a specific time slot and activity to make sure that our ensemble is complete.
Competition Day
How early should I arrive?
Plan to get to your assigned area about five minutes before your assigned shift starts. Include the time it will take to:
  • walk from the parking lot to the Volunteer Check-in station (near the public entrance to the field; behind the band room);
  • Register at the Volunteer Check-in station by the main public ticket gate; and
  • Walk to your assigned activity’s area
What should I wear?
Dress comfortably in something that is suitable for the weather and that will represent the high school and the band program well. Limestone Blue & White is always in season!
Note: Nametags will be provided.
Where should I park?
All Volunteers (unless in need of a handicap parking space) are requested to park at Oak Grove West (past the high school on Pfeiffer Road). This will keep the main parking lot free for our guests.
Carpooling is encouraged. One person can drop off the rest and then go park, saving a few parking spaces and a few steps on your feet.
What is the Check-in process?
The committee chairs will provide the Volunteer Check-in Coordinator with the list of people who will be working. Come to the Volunteer Check-in table (near the public entrance to the field; behind the band room). They will check your name off the list and stamp your hand, which gives you free admission to the entire event. They will then direct you to the area where you should be and tell you who to ask for.
How will I know what to do? Is there training?
The committee chairs will teach you everything you need to know for your specific task. Arriving a couple minutes early will give you the opportunity to learn from the person in the shift just before you.
My shift is late in the day. Can I get there early and still have the free admission?
Certainly. Just go to the Volunteer Check-in table. Tell them your name, and where and when you are scheduled to work. They will stamp your hand. You are then free to enjoy the field show until it is your time to work.
What happens if I cannot work at the last minute?
Let the committee chair know as soon as you can if there is a conflict. Or, contact one of the individuals listed under “More Information” below.
I want to help by donating food for the Band Directors.
We will be serving a potluck-style meal for the visiting Band Directors, Judges, and other officials. You can sign up with the Hospitality committee to bring a dish. See “How do I drop off the food?” below.
I want to help by donating baked goods for sale.
Concessions will include tables with baked goods for sale. Sign up with the Concession committee.
Baked goods should be individually wrapped. Prices will be determined and attached on the day of the competition.
See “How do I drop off the food?” below.
Do you need any paper goods?
Yes. Contact the Hospitality or Concessions committees to see what items are still needed.
How do I drop off the food or paper goods?
Bring the food or paper goods to the Student Parking Lot (on the south side of the school) any time between noon and 2:00. Pull up to the “L” by the cafeteria entrance. Students will be there to take the food from you and deliver it to the Hospitality room.
Serving utensils will be provided. If at all possible, please use disposable containers. If you do bring something non-disposable, be sure that you label everything well. You can pick up your dish at the end of the competition, or make other arrangements with the Hospitality crew.
I cannot participate during the Competition, but I would like to donate something.
We appreciate any way that you can help the Limestone band program. Please contact the Competition Chair ( to see what opportunities might be available.
More Information
Where can I get more information?
Check for any posts on the band website. Also look under “Field Competition” and then “Volunteers Info”.
If you have additional questions, you can contact one of the following: