GFS Fun Funds Program

Limestone Band Boosters – Organization #002199740


Our Band Boosters organization is registered for a fundraising program at GFS called Fun Funds.  And, to make it even better, all you have to do is to shop at a GFS Marketplace store to help earn up to a 10 percent rebate for the band! 


We’ve pulled some of the basic information from the GFS website for your review. 


What is the Fun Funds program?

Your participants simply have to shop at our GFS Marketplace stores. Over 1,000 items in our stores are labeled for the Fun Funds program. Based on the quarterly purchases of your cardholders, your school or organization earns up to a 10 percent rebate! All other products earn one percent. The more they spend, the more you earn.


What are the benefits for my school or organization?

Fun Funds is free! There are no costs up front, and our stores don’t charge a membership fee. The program is flexible—your participants aren’t limited to a small number of items: everyday items throughout our store are eligible. Participants also receive coupons and incentives from the stores to get them in the door and earn more money! Rebates are calculated quarterly, and a check is sent directly to your school or organization.


When you enroll online at, new members will receive two valuable offers:  a $10 discount on your first purchase and a $10 donation to Limestone Band Boosters on your second purchase.


Essentially, this is the easiest fundraiser…you get to save money when you shop for items you typically purchase and earn cash for our band program.  Please consider signing up and using the Fun Funds Program soon!


GFS Fun Funds program rebates also helps students who have trouble meeting the program costs.