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Limestone Community High School

Band Policies

(as of Feb 14, 2014)

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General Information
Limestone Community High School Band Objectives
  • Strive for excellence in performance, personal, and ensemble growth
  • Develop and improve music skills and knowledge
  • Continue the development of music appreciation and understanding through the study and performance of music.
  • Make band an enjoyable and musical experience
  • Serve to promote music and the arts within our school and community.
  • PRIDEProficiency, Reliability, Integrity, Discipline, Excellence
Expectations of Rehearsals
The daily rehearsal is the basis for a good performance. A conscientious effort at rehearsals will guarantee successful performances. This means that adequate preparation on your individual part must take place at home. Band rehearsals are designed to learn about music and solve ensemble problems.
To Make Our Rehearsals More Productive
  • BE ON TIME!!! (meaning ready to play).
  • Warm-up softly and slowly – no blasting.
  • Have a pencil at ALL times.
  • Maintain good posture at all times keeping both feet on the floor.
  • Do NOT talk or play (except when instructed to do so) while the Director or anyone else is on the podium.
  • The tuner is available at all times before or after rehearsal and at lunch.
  • Have a friend work with you if you cannot play consistently when working by yourself.
  • If you have questions, raise your hand and ask the director, don’t ask your neighbor or section leader.
  • Take your horn home often to practice.
  • All instruments will go home on Friday.
The Instrumental Music Program’s Responsibility to the  Student
  • Provide the band members with the proper kind of rehearsal room, lighting, seating, music stands, instrumental storage space, and such other equipment as is necessary to aid in developing the student’s musical ability.  Plan each day’s activities and encourage daily progress of the entire band.
  • Provide the band with a full musical education through rehearsal, performance, teaching, testing, and listening.
  • Assure that no individual member, through inappropriate or irresponsible behavior, interferes with the learning or achievement of the group.
  • Supervise the students in class or on school sponsored band trips. Each student will receive information about the plans for the trip, the type, dress, and the complete schedule of activities.
  • Grade the progress of each member on his instrument and his participation in band.
  • Provide quality musical literature and performance opportunities.
The Band Member’s Responsibility to the Band
  • Be regular in attendance and make sure all absences are excused by the band director prior to the absence. See “Excused Absences” below.
  • Make a real effort to learn and improve daily.
  • Become responsible for and expect to assume the consequences for your actions.
  • Be personally clean, neat, and dress appropriately. Gentlemen will be expected to honor reasonable requests regarding hair length and grooming habits.
  • Have the proper respect for those in authority.
  • Follow all classroom guidelines, school regulations, and all travel instructions given for trips.
  • Be honest and fair with others concerning equipment, music, and school life in general.
  • Cooperate with fellow band members and share with them the responsibilities and privileges that are a part of the band program.
  • Contribute positively to your music education and that of others by the best use of your talents.
  • Read and play music with insight and expression.
  • Above all else: HAVE A POSITIVE ATTITUDE!!
Trip Conduct
Since the band is a part of the whole school system, we will operate within the rules set down by the school district with a few additions of our own. The band will always travel to a performance as a group on assigned buses. Once a student has signed up for a bus, there will be no changes in the seating arrangement. A student may return with his parents provided a permission slip, signed by the parents, is given to the director prior to departing from school. Prior to a trip, information will be given which will tell students exactly where to be, at what time, with what equipment, in what uniform or dress, and for what purpose. Students are expected to follow these instructions to the letter. The following rules will be followed at all times you are on the bus:
  • Respect for the bus driver and all chaperones.
  • Be completely quiet during roll.
  • No food or drink, unless authorized.
  • Use normal tone of voice (don’t yell).
  • Must ride bus to events.
  • Must ride bus home from event unless riding with parents.
  • If riding home with parents after contest, you must stay until awards presentations are completed.  Parents must check out with the Director and no one else before you leave!
  • Students found to be in possession of or under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be returned home with their parents or guardian and recommended for expulsion from the band.
  • On overnight trips, students are not allowed to be in the rooms of the opposite sex.
  • No coed seating will be allowed on the buses after dark.
  • 1st time – verbal warning
  • 2nd time – Meet with teacher and band room detention
  • 3rd – Detention Hall
  • 4th – Call home and possible Dean referral
Attendance Policy
Your attendance at each rehearsal and performance is very important to the bands success and is mandatory.  Band is a team that is dependent on every player being there.  One person missing can greatly affect the ensembles overall sound and performance.  We do not have people on the “bench” to take your spot when you are gone!  I will do the best that I can to work performances around extra-curricular activities.
Excused absences
Excused absences are those due to emergencies such as illness, death in the family, and other extenuating circumstances. The student or family spokesman should contact the band director and relate the facts causing the emergency and the probable length of time the student will miss rehearsals as soon as possible. Use the Student Absence Form. The student should bring a note to the director’s office within two days upon returning to school.
Unexcused absences
Unexcused absences are unacceptable and bring the students commitment to the ensemble into question.  Any unexcused absence will automatically result in a zero for the rehearsal or performance and possible dismissal from the ensemble. Last minute (or after the fact) excuses of a non-emergency nature will not be accepted for missed rehearsals or performances. Work and lack of transportation is never excused under any circumstance.  Students are responsible for planning their work schedules around rehearsals and performances.  Students will be given a calendar of all band events, if a performance or rehearsal is added, students will be given two weeks notification.
Grading Policy
  • Rehearsals outside of the school day = 25 points
  • Practice logs = 25 points
  • Basketball and football games = 50 points
  • Concerts, festivals, and contests = 100 points
  • Additional work sheets and writing assignments will be assigned throughout the semester points TBD.
Limestone Community High School Ensembles
Marching Rockets (first semester)
The Marching Rockets is an ensemble open to any student who has had at least one year of experience in band or by special permission of the Director of Bands.  The group performs and competes in regional and area marching band competitions as well as at all home varsity football games.  Students in the Marching Band course will receive .5 credit for the semester.  The Marching Band course counts as a P.E. credit exempting students from taking P.E. during the first semester only.
Jazz Band – (first and second semester)
To be a member of the LCHS Jazz Band, students must be enrolled in Marching Band first semester and the Wind Ensemble or Symphonic Band in the second semester or approval by the Director of Bands.  Jazz Band is an advanced music course, which is a continuation of the skills learned in the concert band setting.  In order to achieve the best instrumentation, auditions may be necessary.  Typical instrumentation is 4-5 trumpets, 4-5 trombones, 2-3 alto saxophones, 2 tenor saxophones, 1 baritone saxophone, 2 drummers, 1-2 bass players, 1-2 pianists, and 1 guitar player.  Jazz Band meets daily as a class and is worth .5 credit for the semester.  Jazz Band meets twice per week after school on days TBD by the director to accommodate students that cannot take the class due to scheduling conflicts.   The Jazz Band performs at 2-3 Jazz Festivals, Stompin at the Savoy, And All That Jazz, and community performances.
Concert Bands (second semester)
  • ALL freshmen and new students will register for the Symphonic Band unless invited by the Director of Bands to audition for the Wind Ensemble.
  • ALL students in the LCHS Band program will be required to audition for an ensemble and chair placement.  Students will not be placed in an ensemble due to scheduling conflicts.
  • Auditions for ensembles will take place at the end of April after graduation.
  • Students will be provided with audition requirements at least two weeks prior to the audition along with a sample rubric.
  • Students may be auditioned by a person hired to help with the audition process.
  • Placement will be a combination of the audition/rubric score, attitude, work ethic, and musicianship as demonstrated throughout the semester.
  • All results are final once they are posted!!
Symphonic Band – First Semester Marching Band Alternative
In the first semester, Symphonic Band is an option for students that have scheduling conflicts with marching band or for students that would like to take an additional band course.  The class size in the first semester is typically very small due to most students participating in the marching band.  This class will focus on basic fundamentals of playing as well as small ensemble and solo work.  Students will be required to perform with the combined concert band for the Holiday Concert as well as be a member of the pep band.  Members of the Symphonic Band will receive .5 credit for the semester.
Symphonic Band – (second semester)
ALL in-coming freshmen and new students MUST register for Symphonic Band for SECOND SEMESTER and will only be allowed into the Wind Ensemble with permission by the Director of Bands.  All students must audition to be placed in the ensemble appropriate to their playing ability and do not get to choose which ensemble best fits their schedule.  This ensemble will work on music fundamentals and music literature appropriate to their level to develop the musical skills necessary for the Wind Ensemble.  Performances include:  IHSA Solo/Ensemble, State of Illinois Concert Band Festival (if prepared), the Spring Concert, and pep band.  This course is worth .5 credit for the semester.
Wind Ensemble – (second semester)
The Wind Ensemble is a course designed for the most advanced music students in the LCHS band program.  Students must audition and be placed in the proper ensemble based on their skill level and instrumentation needs.  The Wind Ensemble performs advanced musical literature and fundamentals throughout the semester.  Performances include:  The Mid-Illini Concert Band Festival, IHSA Solo/Ensemble Contest, pep band, and the ISU State of Illinois Concert Band Festival.  This course is worth .5 credit for the semester.
Percussion Ensemble (second semester)
The percussion ensemble is a course open to all students in the LCHS band program that wish perform in a percussion ensemble or learn to play percussion in addition to their regular instrument.  Additionally, percussionists may be placed in this ensemble based on their audition.  Performances include, Stompin at the Savoy, And All That Jazz, and the Spring Concert.  Students receive .5 credit for the semester.
Pep Band
All students in the LCHS band program will be required to perform at all assigned home varsity basketball games and assigned girls basketball games.  Each performance is worth a grade in their concert band course.
Marching Band Color Guard (first semester)
The Color Guard is part of the Limestone Marching Rockets course.  Members of the color guard must audition for the group.  The audition will be determined by the color guard instructor.  The group performs and competes in regional and area marching band competitions as well as at all home varsity football games.  Students in the Marching Band course will receive .5 credit for the semester.  Being a member of the Color Guard counts as a P.E. credit exempting students from taking P.E. during the first semester only.
Winter Guard (second semester)
The Winter Guard course is a continuation of the Marching Band Color Guard by audition only.  The group will perform at all assigned Mid-West Color Guard Circuit competitions as well as WGI and the Spring Concert.  A participation fee as determined by the Colorguard instructor and Director of Bands.  Students in this course will receive .5 credit per semester and be exempt from taking P.E.
Band Fees
Marching Band students will be required to pay a yearly Band Fee to help cover the costs of food, staff, and equipment for the season.  An initial, non-refundable deposit (usually $100.00) is due before summer (usually in May). This is important, since the music and drill are written for a specific number of people and specific instruments. The rest of the Band Fee can be paid according to the payment schedule that is provided by the LCHS Band Boosters.  If you are unable to pay due to financial issues, please contact the Director or the Booster Treasurer, and arrangements will be made to give you an opportunity to be a part of the group.  We don’t want anyone to be left out due to financial conflicts.   Fundraisers are provided to help offset and reduce band fees, please take advantage of these opportunities!
Students will be responsible for the up-keep and care of all of their equipment whether it be school owned or not. Any damages to the instruments, music, uniforms, or any other equipment will be repaired or replaced immediately at the student’s expense.
Sheet Music
Sheet music is the text book for band.  Band arrangements are expensive and if a part is lost, it cannot be replaced unless the entire band arrangement is purchased.  Each student will be given one copy of each piece of music and a folder to place it in.  You are responsible for the materials loaned to you from the school.  Music should not be left on your stand or on the floor.
School Uniforms
Our uniforms are very expensive!  We take a lot of pride in our uniforms and expect you to take good care of them.  You are responsible for taking care of any school owned items.  If uniforms are damaged or lost, it is the student’s responsibility to pay for the cost for repair or replacement.  Hang your uniform neatly on the hanger so that they look good for performances.  Uniforms will never be taken home without permission from the director.  Students will be required to wear our band t-shirt under their uniforms.  Students should also wear black socks (purchased on your own), black shoes, and gloves.  The required shoes and gloves are purchased through the Band Boosters at market cost.  Students should have three pairs on gloves on hand to ensure they are not dirty for performances. (Older gloves should be used on brass instruments during rehearsals.) All Jewelry should be removed and long hair should be pulled up under your hat.
Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band Performance attire
Students are required to wear ALL black.  Gentlemen should wear a button up shirt with a collar and blue tie.  Girls can wear a black dress or Kakis and a dress shirt. Please make sure you look professional and are wrinkle free.
Summer Rehearsals
Summer Marching Band Rehearsals are required to be in the marching band.  Family vacations and other activities will be excused if the director is informed at least two week in advance.  Athletic practices and games may also be excused given advance notice. Marching Pre-Band Camp and Band Camp are mandatory to be in the Marching Rockets.  If a student will be absent, it must be a last resort and also be approved by the director.  This is the time for the band to learn the competitive show for the season.  If a student misses band camp, it will be very difficult for them to catch up and the student may miss the season.  If there are “holes” in the show, it will affect the bands performance and scores.  Students are responsible for learning all material that was missed.  Please plan all vacations around this time.
Trips and Performances during the School Day
There will be a couple of instances during the school year where band students will miss classes for trips or performances.  It is the student’s responsibility to get green sheets signed by their teachers and to make-up any work that was missed during the absence.  Students should ask their teachers what was missed or have this pre-arranged with the teacher.  THIS IS NOT AN EXCUSE TO NOT DO YOUR WORK!
Instrument repair 
It is very important, and a requirement to have a fully functional instrument for rehearsals and performances.  If your instrument is out of repair for an extended period of time, you will lose points.  Kidder Music in Peoria visits once a week if you need any type of repair or to make any orders at the school discount.   Additionally, you can contact Kidder music at 692-4040. We will have reeds and valve oil for sale in the band room, please make sure to purchase these before or after school.  Prices are posted on the window outside my office.
Section Leaders and Co-Section Leaders
Each section will be appointed a Section Leader and Co-Section Leader by the Director. Student leaders are an important part of our band program at LCHS and help the director with various tasks throughout the year.  These students will be responsible for running sectionals and helping students that are having difficulties.  These students are in charge of their sections and should be respected by other students.  Do not abuse your authority or you will lose it! Section Leaders will be appointed by the Director and must meet the following requirements:
  1. The student must be enrolled in a band the previous two semesters.
  2. Must possess a helpful positive attitude
  3. A willingness to go above and beyond as a band member
  4. Must be a positive role model for the other students in your section and set a high example as a person and band member.
Drum Majors
Drum majors are selected through competitive auditions during the spring or appointed by the Director. Drum majors must uphold the highest standards of leadership and conduct at all times. They are the student band director. They should promote the band within the school and community and proudly defend the band from any detractors. Conducting is a very small part and one of the lesser jobs in terms of importance of the drum majors. Above all else, the drum major must be someone that loves band and is totally loyal to the goals of the organization.
The conduct of a Limestone Community High School Band member should reflect the following characteristics:
  • Display courtesy at all times.
  • Be respectful to fellow band members, any other visiting band members, all directors, all teachers, and general public.
  • When out of town, remember you are representing your school, community, state, and yourself.
  • When in any type of restaurant, you will be on your best behavior.
  • Be quiet, eat as quickly as possible, and make sure you clean up the area and dispose of trash properly before you leave.
  • Leave a good impression.
  • During rehearsal, you will not talk or be disruptive and will pay attention at all times. This means you will not bring any material that does not pertain to band.
  • Show pride in being a member of the Limestone Community High School Band.
Band Area Environment
Band Room
Band members are to keep the band room clean and neat. Keep chairs and music stands in place and use the wastebaskets for items to be thrown away. No food or drinks are allowed in the band room.
Instrument Storage
You will be provided with a shelf space to store your instrument. Instruments should be kept in their case with the case closed while on the shelves. Shelves will be inspected periodically for neatness and absence of trash and clutter.
Director’s Office
The director’s office will be off limits to all students and parents and will not be looked on as a supply closet.
If you have any questions or need to miss a rehearsal, please feel free to call phone at 697-6271 ext. 181 or by email to