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Welcome to the LCHS Bands! We are glad you are interested in participating, and we are sure that it will be a fun and educational experience for you.
Please see the other sections of the website for additional information about the band programs at LCHS or Contact Us with any questions.
LCHS Band Info for incoming Freshmen and other new Students
What band classes should I register for?
  • 1st Semester – Marching band
    • 1st semester Symphonic Band is an option for students who are unable to fit marching band into their schedule. This group focuses on musical fundamentals and works on small ensemble literature or concert literature, as enrollment allows, in an indoor setting.
  • 2nd Semester – Symphonic Band
All students are required to audition for placement in Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, or Percussion class.  Auditions are held at the end of marching season so students have time to change their schedules with the Guidance Office if necessary.
  • Jazz band is an option but may require an audition depending on how many students join the class.
Band fees for marching season
  • The Band fee supplements the money provided by the school to pay for different things to make the band program a success. The fee amount is announced around April for the following school year. The fee is spread over 3-4 payments. The first payment is due near the end of the previous school year to reserve your spot in the Marching Rockets.
  • In years when the band attends a Bands of America performance in Indianapolis, St. Louis, or elsewhere, this cost is reflected in the yearly fee.
  • Students are required to purchase marching shoes and gloves. The shoes generally last throughout the student’s high school career.
  • (The fee for the quadrennial Disney trip is separate.)
Marching season schedule
  • The schedule for the summer rehearsals can be found here.
  • Summer rehearsals other than pre-band camp and band camp are required, but students may be excused for family vacations, camps, etc. with prior Director approval.
  • Pre-band camp and band camp are required to participate in the Marching Rockets.
  • Required performances include approximately seven field competitions and all home varsity football games
  • Tuesday full band (6-9 pm) and Thursday percussion (6-8pm) rehearsals are required during the season.
  • Directors will work around athletic and extracurricular activity schedules to the best of our ability!  Students must communicate all conflicts well in advance.
Fundraising School Instruments
  • Some instruments are provided to the students by the school based on availability: marching baritones, sousaphones, tenor and bari saxes
  • There may be a nominal rental/maintenance fee required for school instruments
Special Trips
  • To broaden the student’s musical education, ensembles may take special trips during some years. In the past, this has included marching at Disney World and attending concerts in Chicago.
  • There are fees involved with each trip, plus some meals, souvenirs, et cetera. These will be announced prior to the event.
  • Participating in the many fundraising opportunities can lower the cost for everyone.