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June is a typically a ‘down time’ month for the marching band; there are very few items on the calendar.  You have some time to enjoy your summer, family, and friends.  But during that time, there are things that students and families can be doing to get ready to prepare for the season ahead, including…

Take your instrument in for maintenance and repair.  This is a busy time for the area music shops, so get yours in early.

Listen to the practice MP3 of the field show. Listen to it while looking at your music to see how your section fits into the ensemble.

Keep practicing.  Grab an exercise book from a local music shop or look for practice songs online.  Twirl a practice flag.  Bang on some trash cans.  Whatever is appropriate for your instrument, just don’t  let your muscle tone and mental toughness wither.

Get some exercise.  Marching Band is hard work.  Even ‘just’ standing at a pit instrument for hours can be exhausting if you aren’t ready.  Prepare for this like you would for any sports team.

Buy some good shoes & socks and a good hat.  You don’t want blisters or a sunburn to distract you from rehearsals.

Keep an eye on the calendar.  Sometimes fun or educational events will pop up before official rehearsals start.

You can find more suggestions in the Band Camp Survival Guide or in the many helpful YouTube videos.